We are Triple-T premium Estate.

Triple T Premium Estate is a company that builds. Unlike the average development company, We don’t just build buildings and infrastructure, we build lives and opportunities. We build communities. We don’t just break ground, we create the conditions for communities to prosper. The foundations we lay are not just cement, sand and coarse aggregates. They are the foundations for generations of wealth and prosperity. Every square meter of land we develop is done so with the utmost care, imagination and the promise of better living for all.

From the beginning of time, one of man’s ultimate need has been shelter and even in the 21st century, decent and affordable housing solutions still seem elusive for many in Africa. In comes Triple-T Premium Estates, we are using a simple and fair chance method towards revolutionizing the real estate market for good.

Triple-T through its maiden promotion, the Own Your Own, promotion, offers a novel approach, and is creating opportunities, open, and accessible to all, especially those with a housing challenge and seeking a solution that suits their income, offers a fair chance, and makes home ownership available within just 30days. A Nigerian family who participated in the Own your Own promotion can win and own a newly built premium apartment as their new home.


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